The BRB Story


With​ deep roots in classic country, honky-tonk, southern rock and blues, Brad Russell Band is bringing their own brand of music to the masses: "Ronky-Tonk."

"I've always written songs from my heart, but for me it's all about the music.  I genuinely speak more through 6 strings and four fingers than my vocal chords," says the band's front man and songsmith, Brad Russell.

Their debut EP, "Fly," was put out in 2018 to a very eager and welcoming audience.  2020 will see the release of another 6-song EP as well as a full-length, live recorded acoustic album. Their current single, "Honky Tonk Angel," is a ronkytonk ballad to those beautiful women that  haunt the honkytonks of Texas

Our mission is simple: move the people.  Either get them moving on the dance floor or move their spirits with our music.


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